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Our History

The Rimbombin opened its doors for the first time over than 75 years ago. On February 27, 1931, Teodoro Garcia opened a cafe with billiards and table football in Hurtado de Amezaga 48 named as the Cid gala's horse. Such was the success in the town that in their rooms was played the Billiard's Champion of Spain tournament.

Coffee bar was gaining prominence and ensuring a bunch of clients, faithfull to their weekend appointment with the seafood that offered in the bar and billiards. In 1939, Garcia took to transform the business. Removed some billiards and put more tables so customers could sit and eat. The new direction of the business was born.

The seafood takes on its role and pool halls give place to the restaurant's dining room. It could be said that in 1940 became known seafood restaurant.

In the seventies the Teodoro Garcia's relieve, after forty years at the front his son Joaquin, under whose management the restaurant has maintained the prestige earned by the founder.

All these years of work and dedication of a great professional team were recognized by the city hall of Bilbao, with the nomination of "B" Distinguished for his career and culinary know-how. According to the Bilbao's Consistory : "They have a lot to do with our town, have worked and are working daily to put in hight the name of our city and take it with them wherever they go ever ..."

The Rimbombin, in the XXI century, retains the charm of those years whitout leaving the innovating in its kitchen.

Nowadays we can accommodate more than ninety diners, distributed in two rooms. For business meetings, events and celebrations, we have a private dining room (up to twenty guests). We also offer custom menus, based on our specialties tailored to your needs, likes and suggestions. Ask us.

We work closely with our customers to ensure a pleasant and professional ambient, providing excellent service and attention to detail.